Hello && Welcome! Here are some fun facts to get to know me a little bit better!

  • I have worked at the same Restaurant since I was 15 years old, I have been making the desserts there for the last 7 years!
  • I have two little boys - Calvin (Cal) who is 5, and Lincoln is almost 4!
  • I have been married to my husband Brett for 8 years. When we first met after a couple weeks he told me he loved me. At the time, my heart was very iced over. I kind of thought he was dumb for saying such a thing because he hardly knew me. I laughed, actually! LOL But here we are! 
  • I love cats. They soothe my soul. We have two outside cats - we let them sleep in the basement at night because... coyotes!
  • In 2019 we sold our first little home and moved way out into the country into a big old Farmhouse. We are kind of obsessed with it and where we live.
  • I am strong in my faith and I believe the Lord's plan is far better than our own plans.
  • I have been a "stay at home mom" since my kids were born. I would never trade it for the world, even though some days I could pull my hair out.
  • I enjoy exercising and eating healthy - but at the same time my favorite foods are: Nachos, Pizza, Alfredo Pasta, BBQ Ribs, Bread... any type of bread. I could eat an entire french bread loaf with butter. I have no shame. 
  • I hate onions and mushrooms. I will never like either of them. I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. I can sniff out a tiny piece of onion that got onto my sub sandwich by accident from a mile away. I'm looking at you, Jimmy Johns.
  • I simply cannot pick between my two favorite seasons - Love summer so much for the beach weather, but also love Fall because of the cozy weather and the holidays!
  • Coffee. That's all I have to say... coffee.
  • I love the show Teen Mom and anything on Food Network.
  • I wrote a cookbook during 2020 quarentine! I sold a lot of copies!
  • I can make 70 pies in one day. 
  • Toy Story 3 makes me cry... every single time. 
  • I am team Justin Bieber.
  • A couple months after Brett and I got married back in 2011, I had way too much to drink one night and I knocked over our entire Christmas Tree. 
  • I am obsessed with home decor. I love anything rustic/farmhouse/vintage.
  • I have 3 siblings. Two sisters and one brother. 
  • I am confusingly both an introvert and extrovert. I think I am becoming MORE of an extrovert in my older age (hehe) but I am a huge huge homebody.

Alright, well that's enough of that. You get the picture (LOL). My life is not too exciting but that's the way I like it because it gives me time to do things I enjoy, and do a job that I enjoy. I truly love what I do.

God has given me a talent, this is absolutely where he has led me. I got let go from my corporate job in 2012. I thought I would be there forever, even though I was so unhappy, I WANTED to be there forever because I wanted to make a lot of money, but I realized how money itself is not going to make you happy.

When I got fired, I took a leap of faith trying to find a job that I actually enjoyed - I didn't want to work in another stressful corporate environment, so I went back to my restaurant job full time making all the soups and desserts. From there I developed a passion for cooking, baking and desserts. I started a Facebook recipe page that became very popular, and from there I finally started my baking business. - Leah's Sweet Dreams Bakery. It was absolutely meant to be.

I put a crazy amount of time, effort and detail into every order I make. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my cakes and other orders. There is a lot of competition in my area but very few compare to my work and how delicious everything tastes! (And I am SO confident in saying that.)